The members of Organizarse in the program “Finally is not Monday” of Onda Cero presented by Jaime Cantizano

On the 9th of February 2019, on the occasion of the AOPE Congress in Madrid, the members of Organizarse in the Onda Cero program “Por fin no es lunes” by Jaime Cantizano were interviewed.

We leave the link of the page where under the title “How is a Congress of Professional Organizers” you can listen to the audio of the interview.

The professionals of the order are vindicated: “Marie Kondo has not invented anything” El Periódico press article

… “Marie Kondo has not invented the order nor the profession of professional organizer”, has highlighted the president of the Association of Professional Organizers of Spain (AOPE), Albert Andrés and partner of Organizarse …

… “But what generates the disorder?” Albert Andrés believes that it originates “in a process of accumulation due to attachment to the past and / or fear of the future”, while his partner and co-founder of AOPE, Rafael Gallardo, has highlighted that is also due to the “capitalist society, which forces us to buy new things without stopping” ….

These are the contributions of the members of Organizarse to the article of El Periódico of February 3, 2019. We leave the link for anyone who wants to read the entire article.

“Professional Organizers, the new profession that puts order in your chaos” ABC press article

On January 27, 2019 the newspaper ABC published an article in which it is present Organizarse through its partners, Albert Andrés and Rafael Gallardo, giving his professional opinion on the increase of visibility of the Professional Organizer. We leave the link of the article so you can read it in detail.


It is the key premise of all the experts: do not accumulate, keep only what makes you happy. Albert Andrés from tells us that the more things we have, the longer it will take us to order them, clean them, look for them…. Read more


More than 40 million unique users per month have decided the design and home renovation professionals winners in Spain and internationally.

Barcelona, ​​January 19, 2018 – ORGANIZARSE has won the “Best of Houzz Customer Service” award at Houzz®, the leading platform in home design and renovation. Our company, one of the pioneers in Spain specialized in Organization and Order services at home, has been chosen by the more than 40 million unique users that visit Houzz monthly, including the large active community of Houzz professionals that already has more than one and a half million companies in the construction sector, design and renovation of the home.

The “Best Of Houzz” award is given annually and has three different categories: Design, Customer Service and Photography. The winners of the category ‘Design’ receive the award for being the professionals with the best rated and popular projects according to the 40 million monthly users of Houzz. The prize of the category ‘Customer service’ is granted to those professionals who, among other factors, have received numerous positive evaluations by individuals for the high quality of the services provided to their customers in 2017. Finally, photographers specialized in architecture and design whose photographic works were the most popular of Houzz in 2017 are awarded in the category of ‘Photography’. In recognition of the commitment to always offer a satisfactory service to its customers, Houzz places an identification badge in the professional profiles of the winners of the “Best of Houzz 2018” award. These badges show the individuals who have been the best rated household professionals in each category within Houzz.

“We are very proud to award the ‘Best of Houzz 2018’ to professionals with the greatest talent and commitment to individuals, among which ORGANIZARSE. All the winning companies of the award have been chosen by our large community of individuals and design enthusiasts who, thanks to the professional community, have been able to successfully complete their renovation and home decoration projects, “says Liza Hausman, vice president of the department of sales and marketing of Houzz.

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Participation of Rafael Gallardo, co-founder of Organizarse, in the “Ben trobats” program of the Xip-Tv local television network, in which responsible consumption at Christmas was discussed.

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