The professionals of the order are vindicated: “Marie Kondo has not invented anything” El Periódico press article

… “Marie Kondo has not invented the order nor the profession of professional organizer”, has highlighted the president of the Association of Professional Organizers of Spain (AOPE), Albert Andrés and partner of Organizarse …

… “But what generates the disorder?” Albert Andrés believes that it originates “in a process of accumulation due to attachment to the past and / or fear of the future”, while his partner and co-founder of AOPE, Rafael Gallardo, has highlighted that is also due to the “capitalist society, which forces us to buy new things without stopping” ….

These are the contributions of the members of Organizarse to the article of El Periódico of February 3, 2019. We leave the link for anyone who wants to read the entire article.