Moving   assistance

Get a smart moving: Organized, Efficient, Saving you time and “without stress or concerns”, we take care of everything:

Recruitment of transport, permits, insurance company… and if you already have us coordinate with it.

You can hire us for service pre / post moving or both.

Pre-moving service

Classify and identify objects that no longer have no sense or place in your new home. We take care of your removal, recycling or donation (we collaborate with NGOs so that the people who need it to give them a new use)

Advice for any questions or queries in the days prior to the moving.

Classification, selection and packing of the goods in origin, perfectly tagged and identified.

Monitoring of the process of loading and unloading of goods at origin and destination.

Post-moving service

Supervision and reception of the moving.

Unpacking, organization and placement of items at destination.

Optimization of spaces in rooms: furniture, wardrobes, shelves, drawers… to improve the storage capacity and facilitating maintenance of order.

Advice for answers to any questions in the days after moving.